This section explains how secure it is to submit personal information on the official CMD Markets website. You may always be certain while using our website,, that any information you supply during the creation of a personal account, as well as any information that may be directly communicated throughout the course of collaboration, is absolutely secure and unattainable by others. CMD Markets has outfitted the website with the most recent version of the SSL encryption protocol in order to put these conditions into action and establish total security for each of our clients. Additionally, the organization set up all of the site systems and databases on secure hosting to ensure uninterrupted operation of both under any conditions (in particular, uninterrupted operation during DDoS assaults). The corporation issues a warning, stating that if criminal culpability is shown, we will work with law authorities to reveal and stop similar violations, even if this means disclosing the person's personal information. In all other situations, there will be no exceptions to the prohibition on providing personal data to third parties.