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    • Which Payment Method Do you Accept?

      Currently we use the following payment method:

      You can open a PAYPAL account: https://paypal.com

      You can open a BITCOIN account: https://blockchain.info

      You can open a ETHEREUM account: https://coinpayment.net

      You can open a LITECOIN account: https://coinpayment.net

      You can open a USDT account: https://coinpayment.net

      You can open a PAYEER account: https://payeer.com We also collect credit card payments using

    • How Is the Profit Paid?

      Your platform account will receive your Return on Investment, which you can then withdraw to a real bank account or wallet.

    • Can I Lose My Investment?

      All high yield investment schemes have a certain amount of risk. The investment advisor per portfolio strategy was also introduced to help align your investments with your financial goals. In other words, keep the money you may need for the short-term out of more aggressive investments, reserving those investment funds for the money you intend to raise over the long-term. Nevertheless, we are aware of this and have made provisions to curb losses to this.
      We have a team of risk analysts. It's crucial that you understand that we are legitimate traders that make significant investments with member money.

    • How Do I Invest?

      All you need to do is register since we offer many plans and returns based on your financial capacity and aspirations. Choose a strategy and put money into it, then wait for the allotted time for your investment to mature so you may get paid.

    • Any Partnership Opportunity

      On the investors dashboard, we introduced the investors partner program, through which you can also make money as a partner by referring users to the platform.